Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Help Out in Society

In the video (above), Blue Bird, (who has sprained his right leg) is limping along a path. People pass by him, and one man almost steps on him. Uma rescues him from certain disaster and decides to take him to the hospital. 

This is something that happens all too often. Someone is injured, or sick and people decide that it would be much easier to just go on with their business and ignore those who need their help. It is often very easy to help others, but even easier to ignore them. This bums me out.

What Uma is trying to do is go out into the world and change this psychology. She is teaching people to go out and help others. She does it herself as an example that everyone else can follow. It goes a lot further than just helping an injured bird on some path. It goes much further than helping an injured person on a busy street. It can mean helping entire groups of people who can easily be helped by those who are more fortunate. Of course it is easier to just ignore all of this and pretend it's not happening. However, Uma urges you not to do this, and to take initiative by joining her team and helping her help everyone who truly needs it. 

Video Credits: Video and audio (including music) written and produced by Chris Selland.